16 May 2021

In the divine service of the third Sunday after Easter, the Holy Church encourages us to move mentally from Golgotha to the tomb of Christ and His glorious Resurrection, the news of which the myrrh-bearing wives were honoured to learn the first. Their example shows how much warmth, compassion and love the Lord put into a woman's soul. Thanks to this, women are capable of doing great deeds of love and self-sacrifice, if they live in Christ and with Christ, as the apostle commands, "with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit" (1 Pet. 3: 4).

And let us also remember that people call a family a small Church not in vain. And that mercy, forgiveness and mutual spiritual enrichment, as well as all possible manifestations of true love, should reign in a family. And by God's providence, the honourable role of arranging all this is entrusted to gentle women's shoulders, in many ways. An assistant, a faithful companion, a keeper of the hearth, a tender mother, a loving wife, and a caring daughter – all these wonderful qualities were bestowed on a woman since her appearance in the works of God.

Dear women!

May the All-Merciful Lord strengthen you and give you the power to love, do good to your neighbours and glorify God all the days of your life.

May your hearts be filled with joy, and may love, health and well-being settle in your homes!

Peace and kindness to all of us!

Happy Feat, dear sisters in Christ!

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