08 April 2023
Dear brothers and sisters,

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the Lazarus Saturday!

Today, the Gospel tells us about an event that happened shortly before the Holy Week.

The Saviour was told about the death of His friend – the righteous Lazarus, and He came to him, demanded that the stone be rolled aside from the grave and resurrected him. The Holy Scripture calls Lazarus “four days old”, that is, already exposed to decaying.

Seeing the unprecedented miracle, many believed in Jesus as the Messiah promised from the beginning of time. Unable to stop the ever-growing love of Christ among the people, enemies, haters, and enviers were scared and made a secret decision to kill Him.

Righteous Lazarus was also threatened with a second death. After all, his supernatural return to life could not be hidden, silenced, or denied... Escaping from the fury of the Judean authorities, he was forced to flee to Cyprus, where he became a bishop and lived another 30 years after his resurrection.

The events of the Lazarus Saturday became clear evidence that the Lord has power over everything on earth and in heaven, over life and death.

The human body naturally undergoes decay when the soul leaves it. The same thing happens in the life of any nation. If the people lose faith ─ the source of their existence ─ then they will also begin to disintegrate, and lose their vitality. This source for the Ukrainian people is the Orthodox faith.

And those pious people who have been on a prayer mission for several days on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, they are standing guard over the purity of our faith. They defend not only the walls of the holy abode, but also the shores in which the life of our people flows, so that the most important element does not leave it, so that it remains alive and brings good fruit on its land.

The Lord is merciful. If we hold to the grace of the holy Church of Christ, if we abide in brotherly love and patience, then the Lord will certainly grant us everything we need for a happy life on earth and salvation in eternity.
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