30 April 2016

On April 30, the eve of Easter Sunday, the Holy Fire was brought on a special flight from Jerusalem to Kyiv.

The Holy Fire is described by Orthodox Christians as a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on the day before Easter Sunday. In a way unexplained by science, a blue light emanates from within Christ’s tomb from which other candles are lit, and relayed to other Orthodox communities. This symbolizes the involvement of Christians around the world in a single miracle, the Resurrection, and new Good News.

A lamp with a flame from the Holy Fire was delivered to Ukraine by the Bishop of Boryspil and Brovary, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Antonii and the Ukrainian Member of Parliament from the Opposition Bloc Vadym Novynskyi. On arrival at the airport, the Holy Fire was given to the representatives of eparchies and parishes from across Ukraine.

Novynskyi has sponsored this event for several years. He commented on its contemporary relevance: “Today’s Ukraine is a country in desperate need of God’s Grace and the Gospel. At a time when canonical Orthodox Christianity is suffering from persecution in our country, we cannot stand aside and remain silent, we cannot but take steps to unite the Ukrainian Orthodox community. As a citizen, as an Orthodox Christian, as a politician and major employer, I believe the preservation of Orthodox traditions is an absolute priority. The support of the faithful will help to unite society, and bring peace and reconciliation to Ukraine. Bringing the Holy Fire from Jerusalem is an important symbol of our unity based on our Faith, our values and our hopes for our nation”.

Vadym Novynskyi also congratulated Orthodox Ukrainians on the Easter Holiday. “Today is a wonderful holiday, the most important, the most joyful and the most life-affirming. Today millions of our fellow citizens are going to church, alone and as families, to receive the good news of Christ’s Resurrection. This news warms our hearts and brings hope that the forces of truth and goodness will be victorious; may peace, tranquility, stability and prosperity return to Ukraine. Happy Easter!”

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