13 July 2019

We held a meeting with staff members of Mariupol maternity hospital – doctors, nurses and midwives.

These are the first people to meet us in this world when we are born. Their hands give us life. We talked about ending the war and redistributing military expenditures to salaries of healthcare employees and teachers. Without a decent level of medical services and without a decent education for our children, we have no future.

Previously, the state always guaranteed free medical care. This is the right of every citizen of Ukraine enshrined in Article 49 of the Constitution. Yet, the pseudo-reform of the healthcare system led to complete collapse of the sector and made medical services unaffordable for citizens of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian doctors had to leave the country, fleeing from poverty and lack of demand in their homeland.

Our team of the Opposition Bloc stands for the abolition of these genocidal reforms and for the restoration of the domestic healthcare sector.

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