12 May 2019

Today, and all the upcoming week, we celebrate the Orthodox Women's Feast – the Remembrance of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers.

In times past, our pious ancestors congratulated their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters these days. The role of a woman has always been special one. The sacrament of God-birth was revealed through the woman. Through a woman, the Lord gave each of us to appear. Traditionally women are the keepers of the family hearth. The Myrrh-Bearers were the first ones whom the Lord revealed the secret of His Resurrection. Then the Holy Companions of Christ brought this good news to the apostles and to the entire humankind.

God gave women the gift of believing and thinking with their hearts. Therefore, it is sometimes easier for a woman to understand with her heart what a man finds difficult to understand rationally, with his mind. Women are more cordial, compassionate and peaceful.

Apparently, for these particular qualities the myrrh-bearers became the first to whom the Lord revealed His secret of the Resurrection, choosing them to be His vessel for annunciation, and also because only they remained faithful to him till the end, when even the apostles fled in fear. They were with him on the Way of the Cross, and on Golgotha, and they came to the tomb to anoint his body without fear.

The words "myrrh" and "mir" (meaning “peace” in Russian) sound alike, and with time, the word “Myrrh-Bearers” acquired a new meaning – those who bring peace, those who establish peace. Both in those past days and now you, our Orthodox sisters in Christ, are our pride and support, our joy and peace for all of us.

May the Lord and the Mother of God strengthen you and grant you everything you and your loved ones need. May your hearts be filled with joy, and may love, health and happiness settle in your homes! Bring peace and mercy, love and be loved!

Happy Holiday!
Christ has Risen!

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