29 March 2018

Our politicians talk too much about peace, but they do too little for peace to triumph on our land. If you listen to our parliamentarians, they are all for peace and unity of the country.

Yet, what do they mean by these words? For somebody, peace is a state of "no war", a state when cannonry does not hammer, when shots are not heard and no blood is spilled. For others, according to George Orwell, "war is peace".

Yet, there are a lot of those who believe that peace comes when every soldier – from one side and the other – steps over his pain and declares his readiness to thrust out his hand to his former enemy. In the name of the future. When all parties begin to think not about revenge, but about what unites them.

It is for the sake of such a stable peace in Ukraine that we, like-minded people, initiate the PARTY OF PEACE social movement. It will unite various groups, organizations and individual citizens.

PEACE, WORK and CARE about those in need – these are the simple demands of any person. This is the keystone; this is what people expect from politicians and the state. Not some fictitious landmarks, not pompous slogans and appeals, not "cheers-patriotic" rhetoric. These are the principles our movement will be built on.

In our understanding peace is not only about life without division into "insiders" and "outsiders". This is the agreement between different faiths, people speaking different languages, people with different understandings of history and different vision of the pantheon of heroes. The future must unite us.

And peace is that line behind which a joint future begins. I believe that our initiative will find a response in the hearts of millions of people. I believe that the world will become a reality, and the PARTY OF PEACE will put an end to the bacchanalia of obscurantism, witch-hunting, lies, hatred and low-level propaganda, which the authorities have been feeding people with for four years.

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