08 March 2022
Vadym Novynskyi, shareholder of Smart Holding investment group and a People's Deputy of Ukraine, expressed his position to Radio Svoboda on Russia's armed aggression and spoke about the assistance of the Group's businesses to the country at this difficult time:

"I am in Kyiv. I haven`t flown anywhere and will not go anywhere. I will always be here, because I am a citizen of Ukraine, as an MP I took an oath to this country and will be faithful to it to the end.

When the war broke out, I was also here. My emotions? What emotions can one have when Kyiv is bombed? I couldn't imagine it even in a nightmare.

I have repeatedly said that the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine can only be regarded as an act of aggression. Peaceful people are dying, children are dying, a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. There can be no excuse for this.

Many of our companies are in the war zone - Mariupol, Kherson, Kharkiv… Some had to be temporarily stopped, but we continue paying salaries to employees, we support them as much as we can during this difficult time.

Many of them are at the front or in the territorial defence forces.

We pay taxes in full to the budget of Ukraine, and this is critical in the current conditions. I think refusing to pay taxes at such a difficult time is looting.

One of the main areas where we endeavour in assistance is Mariupol. We help organize evacuation from there through humanitarian corridors. Unfortunately, two attempts to evacuate people from Mariupol have already failed due to shelling.

We try to satisfy all requests of volunteers. We provide assistance to refugees - not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

We also have a separate aid program for the Armed Forces, which heroically defend our cities every day: food, medicine, and much more.

Vadym Novynskyi`s Charitable Foundation in Honor of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God has already allocated over UAH 250 million for humanitarian purposes. But this is just the beginning. We are helping and will help as much as Ukraine and Ukrainians need to withstand the uneasy time.

I myself stay in Ukraine. I'm not going anywhere. I take part in the sittings of the Verkhovna Rada, I actively coordinate the activities of the humanitarian headquarters, which involves representatives of all enterprises of the Smart Holding. Today we are doing our best. And even more. God bless the result.

Ukrainian economy will require large investments in recovery, and Ukrainian business will not stand aside. As a deputy from Mariupol, I will first of all be obliged to pay attention to my city.
But that doesn't mean I won't pay attention to others. I am confident that after the war we will gather - representatives of government and business - to work out a plan for a rapid and effective revival of Ukraine. "
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