21 September 2022
Today the Orthodox Church Celebrates the Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

It is a bright and touching feast filled with special joy.

In the secular calendar, there are many red-letter dates marked with the memory of great and worthy people – those who made a significant contribution to the development of humankind. However, none of them can be compared with and even come close to the One whose birthday we brightly celebrate today – to the Most Holy Mother of God.

She was not born in some imperial capitals or marble palaces. The one who ascended above all the angels of Heaven. The one who came to this world in the small and dusty town of Nazareth, in a poor Palestinian house. A daughter of rather elderly pious parents who got a wonderful child in reward for decades of their prayers, for their faith, love, patience and generous almsgiving.

The merits of the Most Holy Virgin Mary were not about Her external signs of earthly grandeur and nobility, but rather Her extraordinary inner purity and beauty of Her soul, marvellous faith and humility – those heavenly virtues that even today illuminate the heart of every person who turns to Her.

For Her love for God, the Most Holy Theotokos was honoured to become the crown of humankind, and only She – one of all people – was worthy to become the Mother of the world’s Saviour – Jesus Christ. To become the ladder that again connected Heaven and earth.

The Queen of Heaven is the Patroness of the entire human race, our merciful and early Intercessor, our Heavenly Protectress and Advocatess. According to Her maternal word, the Lord at all times sent consolation to the people of our land, strengthened them with grace, saved them from many challenges and misfortunes.
The Mother of God is always near us, but we must turn to Her with sincere, fervent prayer, especially in very difficult times.

Let us honour the Mother of God today and on all the days, so that the Lord will bless us with peace and reward us with the wisdom to live rightly in this world. So that God will give us the power to preserve this world and pass it on to our children.

I wish the joy of the heart and love to all of us!
Holy Mother of God, help us!
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