08 May 2022
Dear ladies,

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the Orthodox Feast of the Sunday of the Holy Myrrh Bearers!

Historically, it was established in memory of the feat of those faithful Disciples of Christ who did not leave Him during the horrors of Golgotha, when the male apostles fled.

The death of Jesus on the Cross was a terrible catastrophe for everyone. After everything that had happened, people needed to have great courage and feel unconditional love in their hearts to be able to go to the Tomb of their Teacher in the predawn darkness and cold.

That pure and self-sacrificing love was rewarded – they found the heavy stone that had closed the entrance to the Tomb moved aside, and they were honoured with seeing the appearance of an angel announcing that Christ had risen.

Thus, tender women, who were not afraid of either the persecution by the authorities or the brutality of the Roman guards at the Holy Sepulchre of the Saviour, became apostles for the apostles and were the first to tell humanity the most important and beautiful message, “Christ is Risen!”.

On the day of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women, our Church praises true womanhood, self-sacrifice, fidelity, purity, love and faith capable of overcoming everything.

The Gospel brings the honour and glory of a woman up to an unprecedented and unattainable height.

The Gospel myrrh-bearing women carried with them some precious myrrh (Holy Oil) and the good news of the salvation of the world. And today their followers – our Christian women – bring the Gospel light and the peace of Christ to those who are near and far.

They again stay where their caring hands, their soulful support, kindness of their hearts and merciful love for their neighbours are needed like air.

Congratulations on the bright feast of joy, love, faith and fidelity, our dear ladies!

Christ is Risen!
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