14 October 2022
Today we celebrate the Intercession of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

It is a great feast that the Orthodox people rightfully consider one of the most-loved feasts from old times to the present day.

Since ancient times, the Queen of Heaven has chosen the Ukrainian land as Her lot. Under Her protection and prayers, the Orthodox faith has spread and preserved itself in our Fatherland, which has shaped our people and our statehood.

It is impossible to name all the miraculous cases of deliverance from terrible disasters, all the healings and consolations bestowed by the Holy Mother. Many of them are described in the chronicles and Lives of the Saints, many are hidden from the world and are known only to God and those over whom Her Cover is spread.

The Holy Mother is always on earth. She is next to those who are in sorrow, illness, in difficulties and hardships. Today, She is with us – with all the suffering people of the Ukrainian land, and She helps us.

And if we all turn to the Holy Mother with our open hearts, if there is no place for evil, hatred, enmity, and lies in our hearts, then peace within us will certainly come. Then Her blessed and saving Cover will shine over us. Then there will be a chance for peace around us.

The prayer that no one else dies on our holy land, that no more blood and tears be shed on it, will not go unheeded. For our sincerity and perseverance, and at the request of His Most Holy Mother, the Lord will certainly grant us what we ask for, and the Protecting Cover of the Holy Mother will always be over all of us. I sincerely and heartily wish this to all of us!

Happy Feast, dear brothers and sisters!

May the Queen of Heaven send its Protection and Blessings to all our defenders, to all of you and to our entire country!
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