12 June 2022
Dear sisters and brothers,

Today we celebrate Pentecost (Trinity Sunday or the Trinity, as we usually call it) that is one of the main Christian holidays.

This is also one of the most beautiful feasts – all churches are decorated with fresh greenery of herbs, tree branches and flowers.

On this day, we remember how, on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit descended on the holy apostles, and thus our Church was born.

Vested with heavenly grace, the apostles – still ordinary people – suddenly began to speak in different languages. They preached with such vigour and spiritual authority, so convincingly, that thousands of people who came from many countries to Jerusalem for the holidays accepted their sermon with all their hearts, believed in the Saviour and entered the first community of Christians.

The Church is a priceless gift given to humankind by God. It has been living by the Holy Spirit for about two thousand years now and will exist until the very end of the world, helping many people on their life path, comforting millions of hearts, transforming the souls of believers with its sacraments.

Our task is to find It — the true Church of Christ, and not a fake simulation, to take care of It with all our might, to take care of our sisters and brothers who are saved next to us, to keep ourselves in It, cutting off all kinds of offences and strengthening ourselves against various temptations.

The Church of Christ has gone through many trials, and those that we are experiencing today are not the worst ones in Its entire history.

It is important for us not to fall away from the Church, not to betray It, to remain in unity with God and with each other.

Despite all the difficulties and turmoil of today, let us remember that everything passes and only God is eternal.

The entire Orthodox Christian civilization, to which we belong, is built on faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

And although we are unable to fully cognize the nature of the Triune God (the Trinity), we feel in our hearts that God is Love. Our Church lives by His sacrificial love, which is poured out onto the whole world, and on us sinners.

Once again, I heartily congratulate all of you on this great feast!

Blessings, peace and love to all of us!
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