07 January 2023
Dear sisters and brothers!
I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the great feast – the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
More than two thousand years ago, this world witnessed an event that completely changed the course of earthly history and raised the value of each human being to the Heaven.
The Lord became incarnate and brought us His world — the possibility of salvation and a new eternal life with Him — a life full of joy, faith, hope and love.
The mystery of the coming of the Saviour to the world was revealed to simple shepherds and wise men on Christmas night. The former hurried to bow to the Infant Christ, having received the news from the Angel for their sincerity and humility. The latter went on a long and difficult journey, called by the Star of Bethlehem, for their desire to always seek the Truth in everything and serve Wisdom.

While someone began to fight against Him right away. And the first who opposed Christ was King Herod who felt a threat to his power in the born Saviour.
Little has changed since then. Christ reveals himself to pure and inquisitive minds not darkened by hatred, greed and malice. But just like twenty centuries ago, there are those now who continue to fight against Christ and His Church forgetting that Christ always triumphs.
He was born for us and came to us to overcome sin and save us. Now it is up to us.
Dear sisters and brothers!
On this bright feast, I want to wish everyone peace and love!
I wish all of us spiritual strength, patience, wisdom and firmness in faith!
May God’s mercy and grace always be with us, in our hearts, and in our families!
Christ is Born! Let us Glorify Him!
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