16 July 2019

Today, I attended a working meeting at Kommunalnik, a municipal utility enterprise.

While staying in Mariupol and talking to its residents, I heard positive feedback about the performance of this enterprise. People say that domestic waste is removed strictly according to the schedule, waste containers are kept clean, and special dust collecting vehicles are operating in the city. It is a pleasure to live and work in a clean city.

As a shareholder of Metinvest, I am sincerely pleased that the new stage of development of Mariupol is being successfully implemented thanks to the synergized efforts of city mayor Vadym Boychenko, his team, and our company, for which social responsibility to the city and its citizens is very important.

At our Azovstal and Ilyich Iron & Steel Works, we are going the way of environmental modernization of our production facilities and will do everything to ensure that iron and steel making in Mariupol meet all European standards. We will continue our cooperation.

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