15 February 2023
Today, the Church of Christ celebrates one of the 12 main and bright feasts – the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.

“Sretenie” is an Old Church Slavonic word. It is translated as a “meeting”.

This feast carries in itself the joy of the main meeting that can and should happen in the life of everyone. It is the meeting with God.

It happens when we gain faith, when we sincerely turn to God in prayer, when we come to God’s church, and when we do what is in accordance with His will.

Many generations of people have been waiting for the Saviour – the One Who will bring peace to the earth, restore our connection with God, and return the dignity given to people during creation. And all this happened in the earthly ministry of the Son of God, from His Nativity to His Golgotha and His Holy Resurrection.

Our long-suffering Ukrainian people are also strenuously waiting for peace and the resurrection of our mutilated country. Each of us, in their place, with their own strength and talents, makes a fair share of contribution to ensuring that a prosperous and creative life reigns on our land again and peace is strong and durable.

And in order for all of us to have enough strength and inspiration on this path, we all really need this main meeting, that is the Meeting with the One Who can strengthen us and give us everything in abundance – the meeting with Christ.

Dear brothers and sisters! I wholeheartedly congratulate you all on this feast!

May the day of the Presentation of the Lord, when humanity in the person of the biblical saint Simeon met its Saviour, become for us a source of inexhaustible faith, hope and love as the prerequisites for life in harmony, happiness and peace!
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