05 February 2019

Yesterday, at the conciliatory council meeting between the heads of parliamentary factions, I reminded my colleagues that once again during four years we, the Opposition Bloc party, insist that the Verkhovna Rada adopt the package of laws necessary to implement the Minsk Agreements and fulfil the commitments undertaken by Ukraine on 12 February 2015. Over this time, while the Minsk Agreements are not implemented, thousands of people, both civilians and military, have died in our country, but despite this, not a single step has been taken to establish peace in Donbas.

The second most important issue for consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, admitting of no delay, is to address urgent economic problems of the population, I believe. We must pass laws that will be improving lives of Ukrainians, will be improving their well-being. Many times our faction proposed draft laws on reduction of tariffs for housing and utility services, on social protection of citizens, on decrease of the tax burden on employers. Yet, unfortunately, neither the government nor the pro-government coalition is doing anything to resolve these issues. They adopt absolutely populist laws, which are in keeping with the election campaign of the current president.

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