25 June 2016

Sometimes it is useless trying to bring a person to reason using words. They do not listen to the voice of common sense. They ignore logical arguments and persist in doing everything their own way.

Why did the Verkhovna Rada lay itself open to universal ridicule and adopt the Address to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew? It has been repeatedly said that according to the canons of the Church, autocephaly can only be granted by the Mother Church, the principal church, which for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the Russian Orthodox Church.

The document adopted by the Parliament is not only null and void from a legal point of view (as it contravenes the applicable law and was signed by the speaker, A.Parubiy, contrary to the Regulations), but it is also disastrously illiterate from a historical, canonical and theological viewpoint.

The result was the corresponding reaction from a member of the organizing committee of the Cretan Council, a priest of the American Archdiocese, Father Alexandros Karloutsos (one of the closest associates and supporters of Patriarch Bartholomew):

"I think it was an inappropriate step, a little too impertinent from their side," he stressed. "Their politicians should not concern themselves with the issue of recognizing the autocephaly of the Church. As you know, the Ecumenical Patriarch only recognizes Patriarch Kirill as the spiritual leader of all Russia, which means, of course, including Ukraine," said Father Alexandros.

The result is clear, predictable, and, unfortunately, once again discredits Ukraine. Well, the current government is used to disgracing the country. The only pity is that it is the ordinary people and therefore the entire country who suffer from their incompetence, lack of professionalism, populism and self-interest.

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