22 April 2018

Today we honour the memory and feat of life of the Myrrh bearing women, the holy companions of Christ, who served the Teacher not only with their fortune, but also with the works of their hands, devoted to Him with all their hearts, who accompanied Him not only during travel, but also on the way of the cross, on Golgotha and near the Cross itself.

They became examples of the sacrificial service to the Lord. They were the only ones who remained faithful to Christ until the end and who later became the first witnesses of the Resurrection.

Today is a true women's Orthodox holiday! Assistant, faithful companion, keeper of the hearth, tender mother, loving wife, caring daughter – all these wonderful qualities were bestowed on a woman since her appearance in the works of God.

Our dear Orthodox sisters in Christ! On this bright day, I heartily congratulate you and thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and the Church, for your love and courage and for your dedication. As long as there are real women in our society, it will be full-fledged and our future will be cloudless.

Keep our faith, pass it on to your children, teach and educate them in Orthodoxy. May the Lord and Holy Mother strengthen you and give you everything you and your loved ones need, and we will love and protect you!

Wish you peace and goodness!

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