14 April 2016

“The Opposition Bloc was the only Parliamentary Group that voted against the new Prime Minister’s appointment. All the other groups, calling themselves the opposition, voted along party lines rather than personal conviction. Vidrodzhennia and Volia Narodu voted to appoint Hroisman as Prime Minister. Samopomich, the Radical Party and Batkivshchyna voted to appoint Parubii as Speaker. Thus, it remains to be seen who is the true opposition and who is just a puppet in the government’s hands,” Vadym Novynskyi noted.

The Politician also stated that a resolution to appoint Volodymyr Hroisman as Prime Minister and to dismiss Arsenii Yatseniuk was not lawful.

“The Prime Minister’s dismissal and appointment should be regulated by separate resolutions. Today these two issues have been passed as a single motion. This suggests that the members of the newly established coalition distrust each other so much they cannot vote separately for the Prime Minister’s resignation and successor’s appointment,” Vadym Novynskyi said.

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