27 September 2022
Today we celebrate one of the most ancient and truly great feasts – the Exaltation of the Holy Life-Giving Cross.

The Holy Cross is the main symbol of Christianity and our greatest shrine. It was an instrument of shameful execution but became the key to eternal life. There are so many rueful feelings and meanings intertwined in it – death and life, suffering and joy, despair and gratitude. The Holy Cross is an ostensible defeat and a true banner of Victory. On the Cross, the Saviour defied and defeated the notion of death through his own death and united Heaven and earth with it. The Cross is a manifestation of divine love for us, sinners. It is the embodiment of life-giving power that protects us from all evil.

The Holy Fathers teach us, “Just as sin and death entered into man through the tree in Paradise, so through the tree on Golgotha ​​we were given life and resurrection again.”

The cross on which Jesus Christ died and then rose again became a guide to the Kingdom of Heaven. It unfailingly and extremely accurately guides us along the two main directions of our fleeting earthly life: the vertical one – the main commandment of love for God, and the horizontal one – the commandment of love for ours neighbours.

The Lord addresses all humankind in the Gospel, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow” (Matthew 16:24).

Today we bow down before the foot of the Cross of Christ and ask that His saving power protect each of us on our paths. So that in times of the most difficult trials, in which we are destined to live and work, we would not leave the Saviour, and that He would help us carry our small life crosses until the very meeting with Him.

May the saving power of the Holy Cross save us all, dear brothers and sisters!

Happy Feast Day!
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