04 December 2021
Today the Orthodox Church celebrates one of the main Christian holidays – the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos at the Temple.

This event became an important milestone in the fulfilment of the Divine plan for the salvation of the humankind, heralding the imminent liberation of all people from the slavery of sin and eternal death.

The elderly parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Saints Joachim and Anne – solved the vows given to God and dedicated their beloved only daughter to God. There, at the temple, there were the most favourable conditions for the raising, in holiness and purity, of the One who was destined to become the Mother of the Saviour and the Mother of all Christians.

There was a moment in the life of every believer when they first consciously entered the temple of God. Some were led by a spiritual thirst that could not be quenched by anything except the Gospel truth, some were brought in by unbearable burden of suffering, from which only the Lord Himself could save, and some were led by gratitude for the rich mercies that the Creator generously bestowed...

The significance of the temple is great indeed –all the Church Sacraments are performed here, young souls are born in Baptism for eternity here, those who have finished their earthly journey are escorted to eternity in the temple, loving hearts are married here, many sins are washed with tears, believers are blessed for good deeds here, they pray for everyone and for everything here, and the grace of God lives here, on which the whole world reposes.

Our land is rich in beautiful temples, which means it is rich in wonderful people who built them, decorated them, who serve and pray in them, who sincerely honour Christ and His Most Holy Mother.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate you on this holiday, dear friends!

By the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us wish peace and love, joy and prosperity to all of us!
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