04 August 2018

On 31 July 2018, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) of Ukraine applied to Pecherskiy District Court of Kiev for permission to withdraw from the State Migration Service of Ukraine documents relating to the granting of the Ukrainian citizenship to me. The reason is more than doubtful: allegedly the documents were not signed by me, and the signature of the President of Ukraine is missing on the corresponding decree.

The above appeal of the PGO is another example of the persecution of political opponents by those in power, with whom I completely disagree on issues of understanding morality and conscience.

The migration service has repeatedly checked compliance with the procedure and the legality of granting me citizenship. Specially for prosecutors, I publish the official response of the migration service, which clearly states that "no violations of the Ukrainian legislation on citizenship issues have been established." I advise that prosecutors direct their energy on investigation of resonant crimes, instead of performing illegal instructions of the authorities. There is every sign of ineffective and, in my opinion, just criminal attitude towards the money of Ukrainian taxpayers, thanks to which the law enforcement agencies subsist.

Moreover, I perceive this next stage of attacks as a seasonal exacerbation. Gentlemen-prosecutors, at last, make yourself busy with something useful and understand that the Ukrainian people keep you, and this must be justified every day.


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