28 June 2017

Dear friends!

Today we are celebrating one of the most important public holidays – the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

On this day, it is customary to recall our civil rights and duties, to recall that the law should always prevail and that the state should serve every citizen.

However, we should rather remember this constantly, every day.

Someone joked that most men remember about women only on the Eighth of March (International Women’s Day). The same is true for our Basic Law of Ukraine: politicians remember about our Constitution only on the Constitution Day. This is perhaps the key problem of our country.

Unfortunately, in everyday life, the rights and freedoms of citizens are roughly violated, and the Constitution is put into dependence on the memorandums of the International Monetary Fund, or even simply into dependence on the whims of those in power.

We have to state that there is no article of the Constitution that has not been violated or questioned lately, at least once!

The most dramatic in this situation is that the main violator of the Basic Law is the current authorities. At the same time, President Poroshenko, who as the guarantor of the Constitution should have done everything possible to protect the rule of law and legality in the country, is fully implicated in lawlessness and breakdown of law and order destroying our state.

The picture of the national catastrophe "named after Poroshenko" is supplemented by three years of war, a split in the public and an almost official policy of dividing citizens into classes according to the principle of political reliability and profitability for those in power.

It is important to understand that the Constitution is first and foremost the Citizen's Code. It is only partly about the division of spheres of political influence in the society. By three-quarters, the Constitution is the rules of cohabitation of citizens in the common country, within the framework of the common law. It is a platform for protection of one's own rights.

I am sure that violation of rights and freedoms, raiding (illegal takeover), arrests of journalists and politicians, raising of utility tariffs and retirement age, renaming of streets and cities, experimenting with history, attacking the Canonical Church – all these excesses of the current authorities are only possible because we have ceased to feel our civil capacity, our strength and rightness, which is supported by articles of the Constitution.

Therefore, congratulating you on this day and expressing confidence in the wonderful future of our country and our fellow citizens, I urge you to remember the significance of the Constitution. I urge you to be true, responsible citizens of Ukraine, thinking, first of all, about the future of children and grandchildren, about the country we will leave to them as a legacy.

Happy holiday, dear friends! Happy Constitution Day!

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