28 November 2018

Until the Ukrainian sailors return home, it is too early to believe that the incident near the Kerch Strait has been completely settled. We call on the authorities to hold direct negotiations with the Russian Federation about immediate release of detained and convicted Ukrainian seamen on the basis of mutual legal assistance agreements between the two states. Instead of making excuses and finding those to blame, we need to find compromise with the Russian side on the existing problem. This is the only way to return our guys, and President Poroshenko is personally responsible for their fate.

It is important to say that the hysteria with the imposition of martial law without sufficient legal grounds, which followed the incident, is a disgrace and a desperate attempt by the President to remain in power at any cost. The one who, in fact, sent our sailors into captivity, is now giving interviews here and there, having forgotten about the main task that is the return of the crews of Ukrainian ships. Well, it is no wonder. Poroshenko’s regime needs a never-ending flow of “Kremlin's prisoners” to remain on the agenda of anti-Russian sanctions and to be in the focus of world media's attention. However, this is a completely unacceptable and immoral price of his being in power.

I believe that the government should present to the public a clear and understandable solution to the problem it created: agree with the Russian side to comply with existing agreements on the passage of the Kerch Strait and water areas of the Black and Azov Seas so as not to repeat such incidents in the future. Otherwise, each subsequent similar order to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lead to the same tragic consequences. At the same time, the Verkhovna Rada should carry out the function of parliamentary control and create a temporary investigation commission, which would conduct its own investigation, find out all the circumstances of the incident and identify those guilty.

To conclude with, I would like to note that representatives of the parties of war with a zero level of public confidence cannot infinitely and uncontrollably draw the entire state into war. The price of five years of their time in power is too high.

Today, the country needs peace, economic recovery and a victory over poverty. The President and the coalition of war are definitely not capable of making this happen.

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