02 October 2019

On 1 October, after a lengthy debate, the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk came to an agreed position on the peacebuilding process. I understand that this compromise was far not easy. Yet, we all got a chance for effective top-level negotiations in the Normandy format, and a chance for the political reinforcement of agreements to cease the hostilities, as well as a chance for the return of the Donbas to Ukraine. We simply ought to use this chance.

There are and there will be no winners and no losers in the new peacebuilding process, because peace and peaceful development are a common value and a shared goal that will make Ukraine strong and united. A major challenging task is ahead of us, that is to lift the economic blockade, to synchronize actions, to implement mutual guarantees of security, to ensure a fair expression of will for all residents of the Donbas (let us not forget that they are the citizens of Ukraine), to restore the sovereign border and further develop the Donbas in a full-fledged manner as an integral part of our country.

The will for peace, responsibility for every word given in the negotiations, fulfilment of guarantees and obligations, well-balanced, well-weighted approach to actions are the things that we all need now. I am convinced that the peacebuilding process also requires a new national “TEAM OF PEACE” capable of dealing with the restoration of the economy, revival of destroyed cities and villages, and humanitarian programs. I sincerely welcome this step and really hope that the frozen process of restoring peace will finally move forward off the deadlock. 

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