06 February 2015

The People's Deputy has been a citizen of Ukraine since 2012.

Today, at a press briefing in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the People's Deputy from "Narodnyi Front" Tatiana Chornovil stated that People's Deputy Vadym Novynskyi "has not renounced the citizenship of the Russian Federation", of which she informed the Administration of the President, but the President of Ukraine "from August to the present time has not issued an appropriate decree" [on depriving V. Novynskyi of the citizenship of Ukraine, - Ed.].

The press office of Novynskyi reported that all the actions for the withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation envisaged by the legislation of Ukraine have been carried out by the People's Deputy in the established order.

"We consider it necessary to officially announce that the documents on the renunciation of Russian citizenship, including the confirmation of the surrender of the general civil and foreign passports of the Russian Federation, are available for the competent authorities of Ukraine," the deputy`s press office noted. 

The press office of Vadym Novynskyi draws attention to the inadmissibility of disseminating false information and calls for careful checking of information before it is made public.

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