11 July 2019

On 10 July, I had a very necessary meeting with members of Dolg (Duty) civil society organization of soldiers-internationalists living in Mariupol.

We discussed the social situation of military retirees, and the situation with payment of pensions. Yet, the main issue is the demand for the former military in the society. Veterans of war in Afghanistan, like no one else, understand what war means and know the real value of peace, and our duty is to always remember our history.

Due to the latest circumstances in our country, attempts are made to erase and rewrite our entire history. Our political party always resisted and was in opposition to Poroshenko’s policy, because we believe that it led us to the conflict we have. Past authorities were a real genocide against residents of the Donbas. For the previous authorities the war was a means of existence and a means of maintaining their ratings. The war, which lasts for 5 years, was caused artificially. Because of this war, even people in the Donbas looked at each other across the line of demarcation.

We, the Opposition Bloc party, consider it our duty to represent the interests of residents of the Donbas. The war must end, the country will need to be sewed together, and the Donbas needs to be rebuilt. In this, we will need the help of Afghan war veterans – people who have been through the war and who know the value of peace.

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