05 July 2019

Instead of carrying out reforms, previous authorities experimented with questions of education, medicine, language and the church, dividing our society. That is why our faction of the Opposition Bloc in the Verkhovna Rada did not support any reform carried out by the past government. Reforms should have a completely different result – the quality of training in the education system, its accessibility and the remuneration of teachers should be improving.

On 3 July, we talked about this with teachers of Mariupol. By the way, teachers supported me in the fact that the language law could inflict the greatest blow to the education system. In Ukraine, in fact, 70 percent of the population use the Russian language in their communications. The state is obliged to support them and all regional languages. A reduction in the number of subjects to study will lead to a drop in the level of citizens' education.

We stand for implementing complete budget decentralization, so that taxes paid by companies in a particular territory remain there, and so that the environmental tax remains in Mariupol, and the city community could direct this money towards the needs of the inhabitants, to medicine and education in the first turn. We want to create such conditions in the city that children could know that they would be able to comfortably study, work, develop and spend their free time here.

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