17 February 2016

Yesterday's farce in Parliament is an attempt by the incumbent authorities to evade responsibility for the most serious crisis since the country got its independence 25 years ago.

Our political party did not have, and does not have, the slightest desire to participate in this sham!

We are not interested in this infighting and the jostling of the coalition factions, including the Narodnyi Front, the Batkivshchyna Party, the Samopomich Bloc and Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc. These parties are responsible for the on-going policy of genocide against the Ukrainian people, for the war in the East of the country, for the collapse of Ukrainian industry and an unprecedented impoverishment of the Ukrainians.

The Opposition Bloc faction voted to recognize the government's report as unsatisfactory, but at the same time it deliberately did not take an active role in having the Cabinet of Ministers resign.

Thanks to our 26 votes, the work of the government was recognized as unsatisfactory.

In fact, the political forces of the coalition that appointed the Cabinet should have voted for its resignation. It is their political responsibility. Yet, in this case, ‘they failed to make the grade’.

I am convinced that the resignation of Yatsenyuk or his replacement by Mikhail Saakashvili, or any other candidate, will not change anything. We would just have given this unprofessional, populist government another year for the destruction of the Ukrainian economy, and the destruction of the state as a whole. We will not give them this opportunity.

The country needs a complete change of power and a new, functional political system. Therefore, I am sure that as early as this year we will have a complete reboot of power – a re-election of the Parliament and the PRESIDENT.

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