12 August 2016

A quarter of a century ago, during the collapse of the USSR and the overthrow of communist ideology, intellectuals from all over the post-Soviet states raised a crucial question: does a new society need an ideology? Many people believed that an individual, as the main measure of values, should not be a slave to attitudes and limits. Time has moved on and I am more and more convinced that society, especially Ukrainian society, needs an ideology. An ideology provides a road map for bringing a country out of a crisis, helping those trying to forge a path ahead. This ideology should be determined by three words: spirituality, welfare and security.

Spirituality is the unifying fundamental of society, expressed in moral values and traditions, which are primarily focused on the doctrine of the Orthodox Church, culture, history, and artefacts. This is an all-pervading presence, protecting society from extremism and sedition. This seems to be the only conceivable way to reconcile our country, overcome divisions and unify people - all based on eternal faith, traditions and our great cultural heritage.

Welfare is the absence of the basic need for essential commodities, so that people have time to satisfy their material needs. This should lead to the emergence of a middle class, and help to build a society that is based on fairness and equal opportunites for all.

Stability, and the feeling of being protected from any extreme danger, provides security and confidence in your own future and that of your children. This is an essential foundation on which to build a middle class, a legally governed state and an advanced civil society. Everything else will follow from this.

The presence of these three principles (Spirituality, Welfare and Security) can help to check any Government activity, any initiative or any draft law. Does this activity lead to enhanced safety? Does it make society wealthier in either spiritual or material terms, or more secure and stable? I am sure that such an ideology can help to overcome the instability that we observe both in individuals and in the country in general. It can also provide an answer to questions about where we are going, what we are striving for and what kind of future we want to build for ourselves and our children.

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