23 August 2017

Yesterday I was on NewsOne TV channel in Pikhovshek LIVE program. The discussion was quite informative and substantial. Here are the keynotes of my answers to Vyacheslav Pikhovshek's questions:

- The Minsk agreements need to be implemented in order to commence the peace process in our country and to begin real consolidation, unification of the country. I will not tire of repeating that there are no alternatives to the Minsk agreements. There is no alternative to diplomatic solution to the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. It will not be solved in the military way. This is now acknowledged by everyone, but our authorities do not hear this.

- There is a large amount of hatred and intolerance in society now, which are supported by those in power. Every day blood of Ukrainians is spilled on both sides of the demarcation line. It is necessary to put an end to this conflict. It is necessary to forget about your ratings, to rise above political party interests and not to think how you will be elected for the second term, but rather simply to fulfil the obligations that were given to voters. Once the whole country believed in "peace in two weeks" and voted for P. Poroshenko in the first round. Yet, he did not fulfil his promises, which means he deceived people.

- We have prepared 10 draft laws in pursuance of the Minsk agreements. However, these draft laws are not considered by the parliamentary committees and do not reach the parliamentary session room where everything is decided by the coalition.

- The current parliament is a parliament of war, which is not able to solve the main task – to restore peace. Everyone wants peace. If you do not want responsibility – just resign. Then the parliament will be re-elected, the parliament of peace, and new parliamentarians will implement all these tasks.

- We surrendered our sovereignty in order to meet the requirements of the IMF and those "senior guys" who run our authorities. After all, not a single appointment in the government was made without agreement in the American embassy. This is an unprecedented situation. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, people who received a Ukrainian passport five minutes ago were then appointed to public posts. Are we lacking smart, honest, decent Ukrainians? Do the authorities think that we have only phonies and swindlers? Cannot we manage our own country by ourselves? No government under the previous authorities surrendered independence and sovereignty as a pledge to the IMF.

- I want to tell politicians in power – it is enough to think only about yourself and your pocket! Power means responsibility. Power is, first of all, service, service to people. This applies to any power: political, financial and spiritual.

- The next parliamentary elections are scheduled for the autumn of 2019, but there are strong contradictions among citizens, and it all can flare up. I am against any upheavals. I always stand for evolutionary development of events rather than revolutionary one. No revolution has yet brought happiness to people who made it. Any new revolution will destroy our country definitively. And in the elections the people should say their weighty word. Their votes should not be bought for a kilo of buckwheat or for corrupt money of politicians. People should go and vote themselves. They should not vote for populists, who only know how to speak nicely, but rather should vote for those who can create. One should judge by actions and not by what populists say.

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