24 August 2017

On the air of 112 TV channel we talked about peace, about the notorious red lines in the speech of the President. If the authorities are trying to forbid the opposition to criticize themselves, making this in the form of an order, then they understand that things look completely bad for them.

Here are some keynotes from the program:

- I consider myself a true patriot of Ukraine. I live honestly, comply with Ukrainian laws, I pay taxes and I wish well to my country. While the one who has stolen even one penny from the state budget can never ever be called a patriot. The same as those who are running in camouflage with bats in their hands and terrorizing the country, they cannot be called patriots. They sow discord, hatred and anger among our people. While we need to talk about reconciliation and overcoming the split.

- The Minsk agreements are just the beginning of the journey to reconciliation in society, the journey to achieving a genuine peace and true unity. To ensure stable peace in Ukraine, it is necessary to go a very long way, after the implementation of the Minsk agreements. As society today is split, there is disbelief and hatred among the public. We must raise this issue and this must be cured!

- The President says that criticism of those in power is playing into the hands of the aggressor. So, does that mean we should not criticize the President? Should not criticize the authorities that brought the people to war and poverty? Today, the economy is in ruins, people are in poverty, the utility rates are extortionate, people are dying every day, millions of IDPs are wandering around the country, the infrastructure is destroyed, and we must remain silent?

- Do you propose that we wrap our mouths with cellotape and only say what a good president we have? This is against my heart and my conscience. This will not do!

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