12 June 2017

On Thursday, 8 June 2017, I was on the air at NewsOne TV channel. We had quite a substantial conversation with an outstanding TV presenter Yulia Litvinenko. Here are some of the topics that we touched upon in our discussion:

- People who will not think about their own pocket or just about themselves, but rather about the country and its citizens should come to power in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are no such people in power now.

- For many years, the Ukrainian politics has been like a vicious circle where politicians, while being election candidates, are giving out promises, but having come to power, immediately forget about them.

- The sooner the elections to the Verkhovna Rada are held, the better it is for Ukraine, because the current Parliament is the parliament of war. The coalition and those who have joined it are conducive to making war, and not to building and creating.

- If you analyse all the draft laws that were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, about 70% of them are populist ones, which are not aimed at making peace and at creation. However, it is this - PEACE AND CREATION - that should be put at the centre of the parliament's work. 

- Any draft laws that are adopted in the parliament should resolve social conflicts, rather than aggravate them. While in fact everything that the current government adopts, from political draft laws on decommunization, lustration, on language quotas, anti-church initiatives and to economic ones, for example, about raising utility tariffs, exacerbates conflicts and the split in the public.

- The most stupid thing in the current government is its persistent attempts to rewrite the history. Rasul Gamzatov once said: "If you fire at the past from a pistol, the future will shoot back from a cannon."

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