15 September 2016
After yesterday’s joint statement by the Foreign Ministers of France and Germany about the need for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, the Ukrainian ‘Party of War’ raised a disturbance in both social and mass media, claiming that it was ‘another Munich’, ‘treason against Ukraine’ and ‘work for Russia’.

Some said that we should not hang onto the coattails of foreign countries and should not adhere to their requirements. Others suggested simulating the process, impeding negotiations and carrying them to unrealistic conclusions. In fact, implementing the Minsk accords seems to be under the threat again – of either failure, or sabotage.

I believe that the Western policymakers who committed themselves to the role of mediators in the conflict resolution should establish a regime of personal sanctions against the main saboteurs and counter propagandists of the peace process if the Ukrainian government and pro-government coalition continue to undermine the implementation of the Minsk accords. Such an approach is likely to be more effective than simple reassurances.

It is time for all Ukrainian politicians to realise that seeking a compromise in Donbass is not reaching a compromise with Putin. It is a compromise within Ukraine and for the sake of Ukraine’s future. The core task now is to neutralise the opposition of ‘hawks’ within the country. We need fundamental change and to rescue the national economy. We need to overcome hostilities and misunderstandings, to work towards peace and social reconciliation.
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