24 April 2017

In his speech on 24 April, the MP from the Opposition Bloc, a member of the Ukrainian parliamentary delegation to the PACE, Vadym Novynskyi, stressed that during three years the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have not carried out any independent and objective investigation into the tragic events in Odessa.

"On 2 May 2014, with the connivance of the Ukrainian authorities, a terrible tragedy happened in Odessa that claimed lives of 48 people. 42 of them were burned alive inside the local Trade Unions building. Three years have passed since then. Over this time, the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have taken absolutely no steps in the investigation of this crime and in searching for the perpetrators. Today, visiting Strasbourg as a member of the Ukrainian delegation, in my address to members of the European Parliament I called on the PACE Committee of Ministers to take measures to ensure progress in the investigation of the Odessa tragedy," said Vadym Novynskyi.

Vadym Novynskyi also appealed to the official Kiev to implement the January resolution of the PACE, which included, among other things, the call to observe the rights of the Ukrainian opposition, to amend the law on lustration and ensure respect for human rights - http://bit.ly/2p37RR6

In addition, Vadym Novynskyi discussed with his PACE colleagues the problem of pressure exerted by the Ukrainian authorities on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the authorities’ inaction in respect to seizure of churches by Ukrainian right-wing radicals.

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