03 October 2017

Under the conditions when the President is clearly seeking to build an authoritarian regime with full control over courts for the sake of ensuring the desired result in the elections, I regret that some of my faction colleagues helped the plans of Bankova and voted for the transfer of the judiciary to full presidential control.

I will demand the convocation of the political executive committee's meeting and the party congress in order that the regional organizations and ordinary party members give their assessment of what has happened in the Rada. I express my disagreement with the decision of some of our faction's members, with the leadership of our faction, and I declare that together with my like-minded people we are going to establish an independent platform within the opposition bloc.

Our goal is a firm opposition to the coalition of war. At the same time, I want to state it clearly: we are not talking about the split in the party. We remain a single party and we do not have disagreements on our key ideological issues, but in terms of tactics, we cannot allow to openly ignore the interests of our voters, playing up to the people in power, no matter what reasons are used to justify this.

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