10 October 2018

From a report in the press and on the NACP (National Agency on Corruption Prevention) website, I learned that it is about the fact that in my 2015 and 2016 declarations I did not indicate the cost of the premises that I rent and in which my reception office is located, as well as the value of shares in some companies. The Agency sees "signs of a criminal offense" in this.

I know that I filled the declaration in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation, and I regard the statement by the NACP about revealing "signs of a criminal offense" as a continuation of the authorities’ unlawful pressure on a political opponent. Moreover, in this case, representatives of the Agency demonstrate complete incompetence, “creatively” construing their own recommendations. And only the lazy one did not speak about irregularity of the methodology for filling out declarations.

The declaration lists all the companies whose shares I own directly and in which I am the beneficiary, including registration numbers, addresses and the number of shares that belong to me. Information about the ownership of shares has been declared by me for many years in a row, during my entire tenure as an MP. Anyone can verify this by reading my declaration on the NACP website.

The right to rent the above premises is indicated in the declaration, as well as the costs associated with their rental. This information allows you to fully identify the real estate in question and carry out the verification. I have nothing to hide.

As for the NACP, their non-professional actions cause direct damage to my reputation, and I reserve the right to go to court.

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