25 January 2019

This week I took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

The main topic of discussion on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum was globalization in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Its idea was described by the founder of the World Economic Forum, the German economist Klaus Schwab.

Unfortunately, Ukraine came to a halt at the stage of the third industrial revolution, which approximately corresponds to the 70s of the last century in global industry. We are not moving anywhere and we are not developing. Our economy is stagnating and unfortunately, the government’s reports about its growth are nothing more than manipulation of statistics. However, no one in the world will be waiting for us. Investment will come to Ukraine only after we put an end to the war and begin to build a rule-of-law state.

During the Forum, I also attended the Ukrainian Breakfast organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The topic of discussion about Ukraine was focused on the challenges facing Ukraine and the choices lying ahead with the upcoming presidential elections.

In this regard, the words from the Davos speech of German chancellor Angela Merkel that compromise is the fruit of responsible decisions of responsible politicians were very accurate.

I believe that our politicians should have responsibility to their country. For example, I would recommend Petro Poroshenko not to put forward his candidacy for the post of the president at all, because he did not fulfil any of his election promises: the war in Donbas is not over, and the Ukrainians, if they do live in a new way, it is much worse than before his election as president. He apologized for not being able to achieve what he had promised, but European practice suggests that he would have to resign after the apology. The president did not do that.

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