22 July 2016

Today, unlawful searches are being conducted once again in a number of companies that are part of the Smart-Holding Group.

Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, under the guise of questionable court decisions, have entered company offices, stating that their purpose is to investigate the issue of alleged “involvement of the company in the financing of terrorism.”

It is quite clear that it is a brazen, illegal attack on me as a beneficiary of the group of companies. The sole reason is my unbending political and public stand against the current Government, and my activities as patron of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

While attacking me personally and Smart-Holding’s companies (which are major employers and taxpayers in Ukraine), the government is dragging its feet on anti-corruption investigations. It is doing nothing to prevent the lawlessness of the nineties returning to the streets of our cities.

In fact, the government itself is complicit in this lawlessness, having employed law enforcement officials and members of the Far Right. This has plunged the country into chaos and lawlessness.

The government has not only unleashed war on its political opponents, but also on freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of assembly, as well as other rights and liberties provided by the Constitution to the citizens of a ‘democratic’ country.

I hereby state that we will make every effort to call for the dissolution of the coalition “Parliament of War” and force the resignation of the “Government of Social Genocide” as early as this autumn. Moreover, if President Petro Poroshenko, the guarantor of the Constitution, does not take urgent steps to improve the situation in the country, we will initiate impeachment proceedings. I have every confidence that other political parties, and more importantly, the Ukrainian people, will support us.

I am convinced that our country needs “A Parliament of Peace” for its social and economic development. The state should be headed by a leader who strives to build a successful and independent nation for its citizens, rather than one who aims to build an autocracy for their own benefit. 

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