02 July 2019
On 24 June, Mariupol hosted a large-scale forum “Together to Peace” organized by our team of the Opposition Bloc. The forum was attended by the mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko, city council members, labour veterans, and active representatives of the city community supporting the Opposition Bloc’s program aimed at establishing peace and stable development of the city.

I addressed Mariupol residents with the key provisions of my electoral program, which were, are and will be our main goals: ending the war, establishing sustainable peace, economic revival, protecting the interests of working men and supporting canonical Orthodoxy. For five years, the previous authorities did everything to divide Ukraine and divide Ukrainians into the right and the wrong ones. Now it is time to unite it. We will start with Mariupol, the metallurgical capital of Ukraine.

Together with the team of the Opposition Bloc and the city mayor Vadym Boychenko, we want to make Mariupol a scientific and tourist centre, an environmentally friendly city where people would want to live, to work and develop. For quality growth, the city needs large infrastructure projects: the embankment, universities, parks and squares, schools and hospitals. That is why we are going to the elections with a united and powerful team and will represent the interests of Mariupol residents in the parliament.

Our task is to return to the city the money earned by Mariupol and to direct it to development, so that it is not Kyiv officials who are managing it, but the city authorities that you trust and that report to you.

Together to peace!
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