07 May 2016
Reburial Ceremony of World War II Heroes
A Commemoration Service to mark the reburial of the soldiers who died defending Kiev has been held at the Liberation Memorial in the village of Hatne, Kyiv region. World War II veterans were among those who attended, as were leaders of the Opposition ...
02 May 2016
Vadym Novynskyi: Concerned Government Blocks our Entry into Odessa
Representatives of ‘Svoboda’ and ‘AutoMaidan’ have prevented Vadym Novynskyi and Yurii Boiko, Deputies (MPs) from the Opposition Bloc, from leaving the terminal at Odessa Airport. The aim of these protestors was to prevent the Opposition ...
01 May 2016
Happy Easter!
Today is a wonderful holiday, the most significant, the happiest and the most life affirming of all the feasts. Today millions of Christians, together as a family, will go to church and receive the millennial good news of the Resurrection of Jesus ...
30 April 2016
Metropolitan Antonii and Vadym Novynskyi Bring Holy Fire to Ukraine
On April 30, the eve of Easter Sunday, the Holy Fire was brought on a special flight from Jerusalem to Kyiv. A lamp with a flame from the Holy Fire was delivered to Ukraine by the Bishop of Boryspil and Brovary, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox ...
29 April 2016
I am a Ukrainian patriot. I made my choice consciously and I am not going to change my mind. I followed my convictions, when I became a Ukrainian citizen, no matter how many of my detractors claim the contrary. I live and work here, I pay taxes here, and ...
26 April 2016
Vadym Novynskyi Once Again Covered the Issue of His Citizenship
“There is not a grain of truth in the so-called ‘petition’. It is a lie from the beginning to the end. It is a pity that such a tool, which is expected to draw the President’s attention to truly important issues, has turned into a farce and become an instrument in Ukraine’s political and economic struggle. This indicates the weakness of online resources." 
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